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Swimming in the Desert-

The Uncensored Poetry of a Saudi Social Activist


Lama AlGhalib


This volume of poetry is essentially the everyday thoughts of a young Saudi Muslim female. It captures her struggle to cope with her surroundings and the emotional weakness in each human being that is manifested in the form of love, hope, and vision, coupled with a sense of confusion, despair, and frustration.


Like Shakespeare, she is a romantic; like Dickinson, her poetry is simple yet deep; like Blake, she is a lover of beauty and nature. The difference is that she is from a land that is surrounded by turmoil. She adheres to a religion whose people are antagonized. And yet her voice surfaces, and her verses echo within the chambers of her mind.


Explore her thoughts and study her anatomy by reading Swimming in a Desert, and you will tap into her motivation as a social activist; her pensive thoughts on identity, childhood, and sentiment; her feelings about love and romance; and, more important, her views on her culture, the current global turmoil, and this era’s morality.


Delve into a world of universal thoughts, and enjoy an endless journey of exploration.


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