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Lama Alghalib












To maintain the mindset and actions of a developmental philanthropist amidst a capitalist’s era



Dar Alhekma University

April 2015- Masters of Arts in International Relations

(Concentration in International Economics)

  • International negotiations

  • International organizations

  • International Relations

  • International Economics

  • Comparative Politics

  • Research and Statistics

Dar Alhekma University

June 2012- Bachelors of Arts in Management Information Systems

  • Project management

  • Business administration

  • Organizational behavior

  • Computer Science

The Fletcher School- Tufts University

June 2008-  Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy

  • International relations

  • International law

  • Islamic banking and finance

  • Global turmoil in Southeast Asia


WORK Experience


Chief Executive Officer/Founder April 2011 – present

  • Objective: Youth empowerment through awareness

  • Develop awareness curricula for youth in five sectors: health awareness,

    national awareness, civic awareness, professional awareness, educational awareness

  • Manage a group of 200 volunteers in 6 cities in Saudi Arabia

  • Started a non-profit consultancy firm catering to organizations from the Private sector in Corporate Social Responsibility and social campaign management

Azizia Panda United


Assistant Manager of PR and CSR department December 2010 – May 2012

  • Developed Green Projects to lessen carbon-footprint of the organization

  • Strategized for future CSR social impact with Elixir Consultancy firm

  • Managed “Leave the Change for Them” charity program

  • Created quarterly incentive scheme for over 3,000 employees based on donations received

  • Managed PR of CSR events both above and below the line


National Commercial Bank

Trainee in Strategic Planning and Capacity Unit April 2010 – June 2010

  • Evaluated and reported how business processes are executed and monitored

  • Studied Balanced Scorecard Approach and how to decrease waiting time and defect rate

  • Constructed business letter to branch managers

  • Determined Key Performance Indicators for certain business processes

  • Evaluated the possibility of including additional alternative distribution channels to increase customer migration and satisfaction


Extracurricular Experience


Dar Alhekma University

Elected President of Dialogue and Public Diplomacy Club October 2009 – June 2010

  • Initiated club with advisor Mrs. Sarah Swick

  • Organized and trained in Dialogue and Public Diplomacy workshop

  • Organized and participated in inter-cultural dialogues through video conferencing



Dar Alhekma University

Member of Toastmaster’s Public Speaking Club October 2009 – June 2010

  • Won Best Speech Award and Best Evaluator Award

  • Received Competent Communicator certification

  • Competed in Regional public speaking competition and won 3rd place



Saudi Aramco

Head of Intercontinental KAUST Guest Relations August 2009 – September 2009

  • Trained in Protocol and Etiquette

  • Trained in Toast Masters Public Speaking

  • Managed and systematized operations of hotel help desk

  • Hosted VIP international academics

  • Handled and reconciled adverse situations with guests diplomatically and successfully

  • Organized database of guests with arrival and departure times

  • Generated complaint reports, update reports, and status reports



Al-Aghar Think Tank

Tour Guide of 1001 Muslim Inventions Exhibition in the 63rd UN General Assembly, NY October 2009

  • Supervised by HRH Prince Faisal bin Abdullah, Director of Al-Aghar Think Tank

  • Instructed by Professor Saleem Alhassani, author of the book 1001 Muslim Inventions, on key facts of interfaith scholars in the Islamic era

  • Guided heads of state, high governmental officials and ambassadors through the exhibition

  • Diplomatically displayed the interfaith and intercultural nature of Islam through facts



Saudi Foreign Ministry

Youth Representative in 2nd Saudi-British Forum Jan 2009

  • Discussed issues of intercultural dialogue and how to fight discrimination with UK youth

  • Developed national projects to better involve youth in the decision making process and get them to become tolerant of all races and ethnicities

  • Lead discussions and group projects by facilitating the flow of ideas and encouraging input

  • Appointed as assistant project manager in the year-long project Active Students in Dialogue




Jeddah, KSA

Cofounder and Event Manager of Gustosho Fashion Show May 2008 - Sep 2008

  • Constructed proposal to attract sponsors for event (advertising sponsor, catering sponsor, etc...)

  • Constructed proposal to attract fashion designers participation

  • Managed the advertising of the event

  • Managed the work of the event management company, decorating company, hotel, participants, sponsors, volunteers, etc.

  • Delegated responsibility to 28 volunteers and organized the work flow

  • Gave event introduction speech

  • Event was held in Westin Hotel and was highly successful



Dar Alhekma University

Model United Nations Club Member Oct 2007- June 2012

  • Elected for ECOSOC position

  • Recognized public speaker

  • Research world events

  • Enter debates about global issues



Dar Alhekma University

Entrepreneurship Club Member Nov 2007- June 2010

  • Attended ISBE 2007 Conference on International Entrepreneurship in Glasgow, Scotland

  • Wrote a collaborative research paper with Mrs. Naeema Farooqi on Facebook for Saudi businesses, which was presented in the 2008 ISBE conference in Ireland




Ministry of Education

Saudi Youth PR in Two Kingdom’s Conference with King Abdullah’s Delegation Oct 2007

  • Joined workshops about the challenges youth face in fulfilling their aspirations

  • Swapped cultures and spoke of how to combat extremism, discrimination and social inequality

  • Chosen as Saudi Youth representative to give speechand join panel discussions



Dar Jana International School

Student Council President Sept 2005- June 2007

  • Made reforms in the order

  • Improved SC performance and created weekly events and fundraisers

  • Received extremely positive and satisfactory feedback and was appointed as next year’s president without elections by the school’s Principal.



  • Shababuna events and initiatives April 2011-present

  • Khawatir 4, Research teamFeb- May 2008

  • Saudi Aramco, Organizer of eventOctober 2007

  • Creative Circle, Graphic DesignSummer 2006

  • Erfan Hospital, Patient RelationsApril 2006

  • King Fahad Hospital, NurserySummer 2004

  • King Abdulaziz University, SecretaryDecember 2004

  • Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing, Speech therapy assistantSummer 2003

  • Charity Events~Constantly~



  • Public speaking

  • Self-published poet (Not Me, 2006) (Swimming in the Desert, 2014)

  • Fluent in both English and Arabic

  • Diplomatic skills and dialogue skills


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